Platform Update

As many advocates asked and requested about some changes needed in NetLeaders platform, there are more recent updates now that are very useful for the community. One of those includes the first reward cycles being distributed, next is the DasWallet downloadable invoices and an advanced user view in the binary tree.

It was announced that the first Career Plan reward Cycles have just gone out to all users who have achieved the Silver or Gold rank.

DasX Global - NetLeaders Platform Update - Silver Qualification
DasX Global - NetLeaders Platform Update - Gold Qualification
Cycles were given as a reward for those advocate leaders who have worked hard in strengthening and expanding the network. The network also wishes them the best towards achieving the Crown Diamond rank and then eventually gain amazing rewards with their efforts.
DasX Global - NetLeaders Platform Update - Diamond Qualification Criteria

In your DasWallet shop profile, you can now download the invoices of any item you purchase. If you click on Account Settings page in DasWallet, you will see a new tab labeled as “Invoices”. Once it is opened, the tab will display a list of all the invoices which will allow you to view and download each of it.

DasX Global - NetLeaders Platform Update - DasWallet Invoices

In the Advanced User View, you can now click any user in your Binary Tree to open an advanced view with detailed information about any specific user. It will display the following:


  • User’s highest owned license type
  • Their total number of licenses
  • Their Qualifying Title
  • Their number of lifetime direct sales
  • Their network sizes
  • Their sales volume estimate for the ongoing commission period
DasX Global - NetLeaders Platform Update - Career Plan
This additional information provides a simple and direct way of keeping track of individual users in your network.

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